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Interview: World’s mushrooming cities pose big vaccination challenges: Robin Nandy, Principal Adviser & Chief of Immunisation at UNICEF

LONDON: Rapid urban growth poses a big challenge for efforts to vaccinate the world’s poorest children and increases the risk of rapidly spreading disease outbreaks, the head of immunisation at the U.N. children’s agency said.
A growing number of unvaccinated children live in city slums, where immunisation coverage is limited, said Robin Nandy, principal adviser and […]

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Inequalities between rich and poor temper broad success of immunisation – UNICEF

New York: Even though billions of doses of vaccines for children across 100 countries around the world were supplied in 2016, millions of children – especially those in conflict zones – still miss out on life-saving inoculations, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has warned.
“All children, no matter where they live or what their circumstances […]

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Muslim Clerics to address misconceptions on ongoing Measles-Rubella vaccine drive

The same clerics played an important role in spreading awareness about the polio vaccine and making India polio free.

Maulana Khalid Rasheed (in black cap) with Pradeep Haldar, deputy commissioner immunisation, government of India, to his left and Shamina Shafeeq, founder of Power Foundation to his right, followed by Geetanjali Master, communication specialist, UNICEF and M.K […]

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Pradeep Haldar Article: Why immunise?

A topic that is seldom discussed has suddenly made its way into the news and is making headlines. Are vaccines safe? Are they essential? Why does my child need vaccines? These are some of the questions being posed.
For the first time, the government-run immunisation campaign — the measles-rubella (MR) drive — has faced challenges due […]

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World Immunisation Week: Rumours becoming the biggest hurdles to immunisation in India

Vaccine-preventable diseases kill one child every minute in India. If all children fully immunised, more than half these lives could be saved, but sporadic rumours and mistrust often make parents say no to lifesaving vaccines
Routine immunisation protects against infectious diseases that sicken and kill around one million children in India each year (HT Photo)

Rumours are […]

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A Campaign to Save Mothers

In its endeavour to counter Infant Mortality Rate and Maternal Mortality Rate, the Central

Government has initiated the Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyaan, the results of which

will be soon be witnessed in the upcoming days.

Twenty year old Sonia Sahu, a class 10 graduate, is one of the many other expecting mothers, who visit

the community health centres […]

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