dr-peeyush-khannaToday the world has realized that importance of children and women health as the key parameter of development and the need of focusing on these areas is even more acute for developing countries like India. We believe that women are the driving force of a nation and our foundation works to be the positive catalyst in making this force even more powerful. Educated and informed mothers are better equipped to give birth to healthier children and raise them better too. our aim is to educated women to reduce maternal as well as infant mortality rates in the country and also make medical assistance accessible for children and women. We are endeavouring to provide vocational training for children and women so that they can develop their skills to acquire employability and ensure a future that is financially secure.

We, at Gaudium Foundation, believe that achieving these goes is possible only if each of us tries to make a difference, with selfless commitment towards fulfillment of a common goal. Let us all understand our responsibility towards the improvement of health and living conditions of the girl child and women so that the society and the country makes its way ahead towards comprehensive and sustainable development

Dr Peeyush Khanna