• Burden of Anaemia

    One in every two women in India sufferes from anaemia

  • I Believe in Me

    Let me clothe in strength, dignity and pride

  • Education for Girls

    Let their pen be their swords to fight for their rights

We dream of a positive change
a change at improving the lives of children and women
a change by caring or them
a change by educating them
a change by empowering them
a change that is towards ACCOMPLISHING BETTER LIVES

From President’s Desk
dr-peeyush-khannaToday the world has realized that importance of children and women health as the key parameter of development and the need of focusing on these areas is even more acute for developing countries like India. We believe that women are the driving force … Continue.

About Gaudium Foundation

Gaudium Foundation is a national organisation, established by renowned and like-minded professionals from different fields. We are committed towards healthcare and empowerment programs, aligned to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

Through our grassroot interventions, we have made health awareness as well as medical facilities accessible to the underprivileged children and women living in slums, minority communities and other remote areas. Our belief is that no mother should die while giving birth, and this is the reason why we consider maternal health as the mainstay of our mission. At the same time, we promote special immunisation camps and programmes so that a disease free future is insured for our children.

Our mission is “to build” a stronger nation by fulfilling the holistic health needs of children and women”

Our health care initiatives aim to increase demand for, and improve accessibility availability and affordability of essential healthcare services.

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Our Camps in Past

Friendly Cricket Match organised on Children’s Day 2016

Workshop at GMR CSR

gmr-logoRecently, Gaudium Foundation took its mission one step forward with a special workshop it conducted at GMR CSR office. During this workshop, Dr Deepali spoke on specialized vocational training programs for girls, encouraging them to move ahead on the path of financial independence and self-sufficiency. She also educated them on the role of nutrition for improving overall reproductive health of females. The workshop aimed at making young girls empowered, confident and self-sufficient individuals and also making sure that they safeguard their reproductive health with awareness regarding nutrition and sanitation.dsc00255