Corporate PSUs

If you endeavour to bring about a change and make the country a better place for children and women, share your aspirations with us as we come together for achievement of this common goal. We invite the corporate sector and PSUs to enter the strategic relationships for meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that would have long-term positive influence on the community.


We aim to involve the government to be a part of philanthropic efforts for the welfare of children and women in our country. We have the expertise which if combined with the government resources, may yield life changing outcomes. Together, we can come up with innovative ideas for projects and programmes that would have far-reaching impact.

Non-Profit Organisations

The country has several non-profit organisations dedicated to making a positive impact on the society. If you are one of these, let us embark on a common journey. Share with us your dream projects and we will support you for them.

Public Partnership Programmes

We, at Gaudium Foundation, believe that we can do more with collective efforts rather than an individualistic approach. We have been engaged in various Public Partnership Programmes with government as well as corporate development sector. Such programmes have worked for the improvement of health and wellness, sanitation conditions, nutritional needs, education and skill development in children and women through effective means and initiatives.