health-1Blood Donation Camp
Organising blood donation camps is the perfect way to cater to the emand of blood. Everyone wants to contribute towards the society and save lives. we at Gaudium Foundation, organise these camps regularly and bring smiles to many faces.

Free Cervical Cancer Screening Camps
Cervical cancer is the commonest malignancy among women in India. With the help of such camps we aim to reduce incidence and mortality of carcinoma cervix significantly through proper sensitization and treatment of women in backward areas. We have conducted several such screening camps in Punjab, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and adjoining areas.

Anaemia Camps
Most of the Indian women tend to neglect nonspecific symptoms of a feeling of weakness or fatigue, general malaise and sometimes poor concentration, palpitations etc. which are commonly due to haemoglobin deficiency (Anaemia). It is also a major cause of sufferings of a mother during her antenatal (pregnancy) period. To make young girls award and prevent aneamia, we frequently organise checkup camps in various government schools.

Teen Health Issues and Preventive Carechildren-india
In rural areas, teens never approach doctors for any health issues. To top this local touts and Jhola Chhap doctors misguide them. In order to spread awareness and provide healthcare solutions, our team regularly organises seminars and honours/awards best practices in remote areas.

Menstrual Health Awareness
We generate awareness about the post of menopausal health problems through social awareness and treatment camps, with respect to health issues being faced by women in this age group.

Breast Cancer Screening Camp
The Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening camps focus majorly to create awareness about the benefits of early detection of any abnormal breast changes, which can lead to breast cancer, especially in women residing in rural areas. We not only help spread awareness, but provide affordable and convenient medical treatment.

98c69a66353a76217b371490bd085528Improvement of Children and Adolescent Health
We focus on improvement of children health, particularly that of the girl child, by getting for them proper nutrition and timely medical aid as and when needed. We organise special school health programmes to educate the girl child regarding health, nutrition and sanitation.

Post Menopausal Women & Older Women
We generate awareness about the post menopausal health problems through special awareness and treatment camps with respect to health issues being faced by women in this age group. The Foundation also organises health awareness programmes with respect to prevention and management of most prevalent cancers in women such as ovarian and cervical cancers.

Maternal Health & Nutrition
Our maternal health programmes are aimed at providing prenatal and post-natal care for pregnant women as well as ensuring safe delivery for them. Special camps are held to educated would-be mothers about pregnancy and newborn care and nutrition.

Camps on Occasions
Besides these, we also celebrate different occasions, such as Health Day, Womens Day, Children Day etc, to reach out, and help children and women or rural areas.

Family Planning

We educate women regarding family planning with contraceptive pills and other birth control methods so that they can make informed decisions regarding planning their family size and timing of pregnancies