Kaala Tika Nazar AIR Delhi, Shalini

Information about RI is strategically and melodiously combined with the popular Indian custom of putting Kaala Tika (black spot which keeps evil eye away from a child). Just as the black spot keeps a child protected from the evil eyes, similarly the RI Tika (injection/drop) keeps child safe from diseases.


Pinky, AIR New Delhi, Gunjan

One child consoles another child crying, during immunization by enumerating the advantages of RI.The point being that even children know how complete RI keeps them safe from diseases.


Rap Soa Community Radio, BBSR

A child named Tha suffers from fever. The doctor comes, sits with him and gives him a tablet.Then he puts a sheet on the child and the child becomes a bird. For complete development of children routine immunization is a must, it gives them wings of good health to fly.


Maut ka kuan Vinita AIR, Delhi

Mother takes daughter to a local fair, but the child keeps crying, when asked by an onlooker, mother explains that despite putting a kaala tika her daughter still wants a tika.When asked the child explains her teacher had asked all mids to get the RI done. Mother gets the point and decides to skip the fair for a healthy life of her child.


Gauwahati Sanjay Goswami

Mother sings lullaby to a child crying after immunization, her sister in law tells her to skip the next round.The mother explains that the child may cry now but will laugh forever. Not only will she, as a mother ensure full immunization for her child but will also take her sister in law’s kids and all the nieces and nephews to the Health center.


PTC AIR News Pilibhit UP, Satish Misra

Remote District Radio Correspondent, Satish Misra talks about an immunization camp Mission Indradhanush organised in Pilibhit by UNICEF with partners. Special emphasis being on the local communities near India-Nepal Border, not easily accessible otherwise. He concludes by associating this camp with the PM’s vision of a healthy, happy India.


Badhte Kadam-ANM Pushpa, AIR Purnea, A.K.Tiwari

With the help of a conversational format, RJs discuss various issues associated with Routine Immunizatuon and how to resolve them. Here they explain how parents can remember the schedule and timings of various vaccines with the help of ANM Pushpa.


Kilkaariyan Radio City Group (URCRI PSA)

Everybody wants to hear the laughter of kids in their house and not their cries. The PSA emphasises on the importance of complete RI of 5 year old children. The PSA conveys the message, ‘Paanch Saal Saath baar’.

Raksha Bandhan Vikas Kaushik BigFM Delhi (URCRI PSA)

RI of a child is compared to ‘Rakshabandhan’. Just as brothers promise to keep their sisters safe on the festival , similarly a mother ties the thread of immunization around her child to keep her safe from deadly diseases.

Tikabati Anadi Pahunan Big FM (URCRI JINGLE)

Creating awareness about RI is our motto and to educate listeners about its importance, we have created a jingle on the tune of Rangabati, a popular folk song of Odisha.The jingle is “Tikabati. Through this jingle we are able to reach out to millions of radio listeners in Odisha.

Lagavelu Jab tu Tika (URCRI JINGLE)

Tikabati dear Tikabati Tikabati dear Tikabati,Tikabati tikabati kanakalata-Telling about vaccination BCG at the time of birth, Polio, Hepatitis B and pentavalent to be given 3-3 doses. Do not get scared when the child cries and gets some mild fever. In five years tika to be given seven times. From birth till five years, vaccination for every child will reduce the chance of getting ill.

Naamkaran Chandrashekhar Saini Radio City Mumbai (URCRI SPOT)

When a child is born there are many ceremonies related to this ocassion. “Naamkaran” keeping the baby’s name is one of the ocassions. But this is not enough to keep the child safe. Just like “Naamkaran”, Tikakaran should be done in order to keep the child healthy.

TimeCheck Rocky RJRocky & Abbas RedFM Delhi (URCRI SPOT)

RJ tries to remind parents about immunization schedule. Since RJ’s tell time of the day, at different points in their show, this is a simple and easy way to remind listeners/parents to take their children for immunization.

Beemari RJRocky & Abbas (URCRI LINK)

In a very emotional and sentimental way the RJ conveys the importance of being healthy and imagining the pain, we go through if our children get sick. So if we want our children to be as happy and cheerful as the “Indradhanush” we need to ensure complete immunization as per schedule.

District RI Mandy (URCRI LINK)

RJ speaks about her visits to 3 districts of Assam –Nagaon, Sonitpur and Darrang in reference to immunization and her meeting with Dr.Biman Sharma, District immunization officer, Sonitpur. He speaks about the geographical hindrances in bringing forest people for immunization and how they send mobile units to prevent drop outs in areas of Tezpur, tribal belt of Arunachal Pradesh. The RJ sums up by emphasising the importance of complete immunization despite all obstacles. Hence she exhorts listeners to contact their nearby Asha Karmi or nearby sub centre mentioning about ‘Paanch Saal Saath baar’