Discouraging Social Stigmas
We are working in the direction of eliminating the dreaded myths and stigmas of gender determination and female feticide. This is achieved only by regular on-ground interventions and sustained counseling.

Building Self Confidence
We aim to transform women and girl children into confident individuals. We offer them counseling and prepare them to become self dependent, to fight for their deserved rights and to raise voice against violence. We aspire to provide them life skill education and practical solutions for all the challenges they come across.

Cultivating Positive HabitsĀ 
We aim to cultivate positive hygiene and sanitary habits amongst the women and adolescent girls. To do this we educate them, empower them and encourage them with the help of activities, movies, models etc.

Counseling for Parents
We see education as the key tool to self empowerment of the female gender, with women and girls become socially, intellectually and financially independent with education. We also ensure that parents are made aware of the fact that education is as important for the daughters as it is for the sons, so that equal opportunities are available for the girl child.