Parents should coordinate in vaccination by not to pay attention to rumours : Shamina Shafiq
New Delhi, 6 March (Sahafat Beauro): Former member of NCW and Director of POWER Foundation told media persons in a press release, there was a time when India was considered the Polio Capital of the world but there has not been a single confirmed polio case since 2011, compelled the World Health Organization to declare India as a Polio Free Nation. There was also a time when 90% of the polio cases in India were confined to the western UP and some parts of Bihar and they were predominantly among the children in the Muslim community because of community’s unfounded perception that drive against a polio was a conspiracy to make children impotent, and thereby check the rising population of Muslims in India. Even after these mindless rumours, Polio is a history now but the tendency that crippled Muslim children with debilitating effects of polio refuses to die down. Once again, rumor mongers in the community are on an overdrive with their stupid conspiracy theories, advising gullible Muslim parents not to vaccinate their children.